As a complement to an extensive Classic and Passiv Pro system, the TRADYCJA company designed HST sliding doors. This component allows current and future homeowners to create interesting passages from the room to a terrace, a balcony or a garden. New HST doors open architecturally interesting perspectives not only in the newly constructed buildings. Also for the renovation of existing houses the HST doors mounted can significantly contribute to increase the comfort and aesthetic of the housing.

Big glazings ensure great comfortprzesuwne drzwi

HST sliding doors are used everywhere, where particular attention is paid to a spacious constructions, without architectural limits. Big glazings assure a permanent light flow into the interior. Additionally the bottom part of the glazing seems to melt visualy with the floor surface, because of the threshold which seems to be almost invisible and therefor the impresion of no barriers between the outside and the interior occurs.

The advantages of HST sliding doors:

  • Easy HST sliding doors' closing and opening systems
  • No effort in handling with the level mechanism
  • Possibility of remote control of closing and opening doors
  • Available in a wide range of acrycolor veneers (color and wood)

HST sliding doors

Colors available