PSK sliding doors system is available for all PVC systems offered by Tradycja company, it enables to slide and tilt constructions assuring the full comfort and funcionality without disording the housing space.

Comfortable and reliable solutions

Each PSK doors user will approve the high comfort of the joinery equipped with the system. The smoothness of operation and the possibility of higher anti-burglary systems. The basic fixtures solution is equipped with solid mushroom-shaped bolt pins. By using anti-burglary hooks on a window frame the anti-burglary resistence is up to RC2/RC2 N class. Two versions of the product are available: SK-S with manual control without support and SK-Z with higher usage comfort. The duoPort SK-Z fixture is equipped with a special control handle, enabling easy tilting, sliding and closing of very heavy sashes.

The advantages of PSK sliding doors:

  • Easy closing and opening systems
  • No effort in handling with the level mechanism
  • Available in a wide range of acrycolor veneers color