The main goal of our company is to meet your expectations by creating an individual profile of commercial and production service. As a long-term and experienced manufacturer of aluminum and PVC joinery, we are convinced that cooperation with us will be a reason to be proud and will make your and our high-level business ideas come true. The quality of our products is confirmed not only by the obtained certificates, but most of all by a wide group of satisfied customers.

Advantages of our products

We are well aware that a modern product should have a number of advantages. In the case of our products, those are energy efficiency, safety and design. The energy efficiency is a standard of modern construction, therefore it is worth paying attention to the building materials used. Our flagship products enable the thermal insulation coefficient of windows and doors to be in accordance with the standards of passive houses. We offer triple- or quadruple-pane packages with a heat transfer coefficient of Ug = 0.4 W/m2K. We also offer a layered installation system ensuring a warm and moisture-resistant installation. The undoubted advantage of our products is also a modern design that will emphasize the unique character of any interior. Our systems are appreciated by customers, meeting their highest aesthetic requirements. We invite you to discover our offer now and to contact us.