External blinds

Modern external blinds

We offer a wide range of external blinds available in all possible installation systems and in a wide range of colors ideally suited to the color of the windows. The blinds are made of specially profiled, high-quality aluminum. They are an element of the building facade that protects against external factors, ranging from weather conditions and ending with the interference of uninvited guests.


  • provide good thermal insulation, and thus contribute to reducing the cost of maintaining heat in the building,
  • acoustic protection,
  • provide additional protection for the window opening,
  • raise the standard of the building,
  • enable use in both new and existing buildings,
  • additional anti-burglary protection

Functional systems of external blinds

Top-mounted system

The top-mounted blinds system is characterized by direct mounting of the blind box on the window frame with the use of an appropriate adaptive profile. Such systems can be installed in both buildings under construction and existing houses.

Over-plaster system (external)

The binds in these systems are extremely popular due to their versatility. They can be installed in both new and older buildings. The installation is done by attaching to the plaster layer above the window. We also offer half-round over-plaster models.

Effective protection

The blind box is located entirely outside the building and is a great base for any finishing material thanks to a special plaster strip on which, for example, polystyrene can be placed.

Effective protection

Our company's external window blinds guarantee the highest protection of the room against the outside world (street lamps, the gaze of passers-by and excessive sunlight). Thanks to the modern design, our external window blinds are easy to use and do not require excessive cleaning.